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Property Overview


JUMBLE, the most successfully syndicated brand-name puzzle in America, boasts upwards of 70 Million players each week in 700+ syndicated markets. On top of that, millions more play the interactive online JUMBLE games that can be found at,,,,, and on the Yahoo games page. That’s undeniably one massive amount of player awareness!

With over half a century of history and player excitement, the JUMBLE instant ticket is a fantastic addition for any lottery. With its popular extended play value similar to Bingo and Crossword, JUMBLE is a ticket that can entertain players all year-round. In addition, the JUMBLE ticket also offers added value with a bonus play for players who want to try to unscramble the jumbled words!

The simple and fun play design of the JUMBLE ticket has already proved to be an excellent performer, as evidenced by the Loto-Quebec ticket results (See Support Materials section). Also, do have a look at some of the previously done JUMBLE tickets from other States and Provinces (See Ticket Designs section).

If your lottery is interested in a merchandise JUMBLE ticket, know this: Jumble’s mass merchandise franchise continues to grow with print (books and magazines; including Time Warner’s new quarterly Jumble Book series!), interactive products (hand-held and CD-ROM games), calendars, board games (in Toys-R-Us beginning September 2008, and Barnes & Noble for the holiday season), slot machines, phone play (ATT Wireless and T-Mobile), apparel, house wares (mugs, aprons…), office products, bags, automotive products and more!

Please contact Frost Productions for more information on the JUMBLE ticket.

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