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Property Overview

X Marks the Spot—scratching your way to buried treasure!

No authentic treasure map is complete without a large X to mark the spot of the hidden booty. The X MARKS THE SPOT license makes creative use of the well-known X spot, whereby creating a new level of game play for players.

Distinctive and universal, this license plays with the money theme of discovering buried treasure—perfect for a lottery ticket.  True, getting at the treasure is a little less like digging and more like scratching, but it’s still just as fun. Packed with extended play value, the ticket has 35 ways to win and offers players an exciting new game play unique to lottery tickets.

This playful ticket treasure map design, containing its very own collection of scratchable sand dunes, is packed with extended play value. With 35 ways to win on the larger tickets, the ticket offers two different prize matching systems (money amounts or symbols), all the while taking a tic-tac-toe style game play to a whole new level.

The X symbol features heavily in the ticket’s design and play. Acting like a “wild card” the X symbol allows players to win with just two additional matches, try for the extra Bonus Treasure Chest Play, and play an additional game across all four game grids (for larger sized tickets). The large X, made up of golden colored sand dunes, covers all four games and gives players two additional chances to win with a 10-times bonus feature!

Perfect for any time of year, the X MARKS THE SPOT ticket offers players a lot of extended play entertainment for their money. This eye-catching and unique game is sure to find a loyal and adventurous following. In addition, X Marks the Spot also lends itself to a great line of merchandise (please contact Frost Productions for merchandise information).