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Ticket Designs

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Jumble Prototype (Before and After)

JPEG file, 2 MB ticket prototype: JUMBLE (4x6, $3). Before and after scratched.

New and improved easier rules and game play!

HOW TO PLAY: Scratch your 20 letters to reveal YOUR LETTERS. Then scratch all corresponding letters in each JUMBLE game 1 through 8. If you uncover all letters within the same JUMBLE game, win prize for that game.

JUST FOR FUN: Try to guess all eight UNJUMBLED words. Unjumbled word answers are at the bottom of the ticket!

Jumble Fast Play Jumble FAST PLAY Prototype

JPEG file, 872 KB ticket prototype: JUMBLE FAST PLAY (3x9)

JUMBLE FAST PLAY offers players extra game play. Whether or not they have won money, players try to unscramble each of the eight scrambled game words—just more entertainment for their buck!

Rules Read:: Use YOUR LETTERS to find every letter within a single game. If you have all the letters within a JUMBLE game, win PRIZE for that game.

EXTRA FUN:: Try and guess each of the eight UNJUMBLED game words before turning the ticket upside down to see the answers!

JUMBLE launched in 1954 and is currently in over 600 newspapers! That's a lot of player awareness!

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Jumble Word Vault Prototype

JPEG file, 1.4 MB ticket prototype: JUMBLE WORD VAULT (4x6).

Based on the popular internet game, JUMBLE WORD VAULT is a non-extended play JUMBLE option that’s fun, quick and entertaining!

Note: This ticket is a $100 winner in game#3 (with the Bonus play).


Find any of the WINNING WORDS across the four VAULT DIALS (one correct letter anywhere on each dial from left to right) in each game and win corresponding prize.  Scratch the BONUS LEVER for a chance to double or triple your win!

Oregon Jumble

JPEG file, 1.3 MB. $3 JUMBLE Oregon Lottery Ticket.

Atlantic Lottery Jumble

JPEG file, 1.3 MB. $2 JUMBLE Atlantic Lottery Ticket.

Iowa Jumble

JPEG file, 1.1 MB. $2 JUMBLE Iowa Lottery Ticket.

Loto-Quebec Jumble

JPEG file, 1.4 MB. $3 JUMBLE Loto-Quebec Ticket.