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Tales from The Crypt
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Property Overview


Enjoying close to 60 years of brand awareness, the ever-growing TALES FROM THE CRYPT ghoulish franchise of spooktacular fun has entertained millions of fans in over 30 countries around the world. With comic books, highly acclaimed award winning TV (first airing on HBO for seven seasons), radio, feature films, books, theater, video games, CD's, Warner Brothers Home Video DVD’s, and worldwide mobile phone content, TALES FROM THE CRYPT has solidly established itself as a cornerstone in the billion-dollar horror industry. Now that's scary!

Best of all, TALES FROM THE CRYPT is the perfect fit for the lottery industry. Although this license has legions of fright fans of all ages, it also has extraordinary appeal with the younger emerging market group of men ages 18-35 (see Colorado Lottery test results in Support Materials section). This fact, coupled with solid brand awareness, eye-catching graphics, and versatile marketing opportunities make TALES FROM THE CRYPT a great choice for lottery players. An here's some more good "noose"—the Cryptkeeper himself is available to record a special message for your lottery web site, his life-size point-of-sale posters, or radio and TV spots (see Support Materials section).

So, if you want to be in step with the hip, funny, and coolest “spokesghoul” around, launch a TALES FROM THE CRYPT Halloween Cryptober ticket, or a Cryptkeeper Casino ticket at any time of year or even the Horrorday Season (see the Colorado, Delaware & Rhode Island lottery tickets for starters). Bottom line… humor and horror have never been out of fashion, and never will be. So listen to the Cryptkeeper when he says..."Trust me creeps... the beast is yet to come!" You won't regret it.