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Titanic Treasures
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Property Overview

TITANIC TREASURES™—The Ship of Dreams!

On April 10th 1912, the maiden voyage of the majestic RMS Titanic began under the command of captain Edward J. Smith. Little did he or anyone imagine the power and appeal the Titanic name would carry with it for over a century. Lying undiscovered on the floor of the Atlantic for 73 years, rumors and speculation of finding the lost treasure trove of jewels and artifacts gained momentum. On September 1st 1985, speculation ended when the Titanic was found. In the years that followed, the RMS Titanic salvage holders have recovered over 6,000 artifacts and thrilled audiences all over the world with their traveling Titanic Artifact Exhibits.

The Titanic Treasures™ ticket is a great fit for lottery players. With the ongoing appeal of the Titanic—her story, discovery, and salvage—only increasing the popularity of the already infamous ship, this is a ticket chock-full of brand awareness. And if you'd like to do a Titanic Treasures™ merchandise game, think about offering your players the chance to win replicated Titanic salvaged artifacts, memory-making cruises, or fabulous collections of top quality precious gems and uniquely designed jewelry. With prizes like these, lottery players will never forget their win!