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Property Overview

FORTUNA; GODDESS OF GOLD—A Golden Ticket of Mythological Proportion!

PERFECT FOR OUR CHALLENGING TIMES: Offering hope, kindness and support, the FORTUNA; GODDESS OF GOLD instant ticket will inspire players’ imaginations drawing from the golden days of Greek and Roman mythology. FORTUNA—the Roman Goddess of fortune, who promises riches, abundance and prosperity, is the perfect image for our challenging times.

MYTHOLOGY HAS DEEP AND POPULAR GOLD ROOTS: The ancient affiliations to gold tell it all. For the Egyptians the yellow blaze of gold was a symbol of the sun god Ra. For the Inca people gold was the sweat of the sun. From the beginning gold was caught up in myths, legends and fairy tales about gods, goddesses, princesses, magicians and heroes.

GODDESS LOVE HAS NO BOUNTRIES: The popular mythological roots of the Goddess culture cuts across race, religion, ethnicity and age—perfect for the making of a popular instant ticket!

OVER 300 DIFFERENT FORTUNA GODDESS OF GOLD MESSAGES: Players never walk away empty handed! Packed with extra value, the FORTUNA; GODDESS OF GOLD instant ticket comes with over 300 different messages. These special Goddess messages add extra value to each ticket—just a few words of encouragement you’d expect from an all-knowing golden mythological Goddess!

A NOTE ON THE DESIGN & HOLIDAY TICKET: The FORTUNA; GODDESS OF GOLD instant ticket design has a cornucopia overflowing with golden coins. Throughout history, Fortuna has been depicted as well with ship’s rudder, and ball and wheel. In addition, the ancient coins on the tickets contain the image of FORTUNA, the Roman female personification of fortune. If you’re considering a holiday ticket, have a look at the special designs created specifically for the holiday season!

MERCHANDISE: Frost Productions is pleased to offer a great new line of merchandise for this golden property. True to lottery demand, the line of products is created with high quality, unique, and useful specialty gifts in mind. Be sure to check out the HOLIDAY SEASON Fortuna Goddess of Gold instant ticket—perfect for the ultimate gift-giving time of year!

GOLD BULLION TOP PRIZE: For lotteries who wish to offer players something unique, GOLD BULLION BARS OR COINS can be offered as special top prizes or mid-tier prizes. Gold bullion is an excellent investment and wealth building strategy—especially in these trying times. Whereas money easily drops in value, gold bullion is fast becoming the smart man’s investment—It’s the ultimate symbol of wealth & financial security!