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Property Overview

TIC TAC TROLL™ is the lottery-perfect result of the union between the ancient and popular tic-tac-toe game and the fanciful world of the mythical anthropomorphic troll.

Tic-tac-toe (also known as Naughts and Crosses) is one of the most widely known games today. Found everywhere from the temples of ancient Egypt to the medieval cathedrals of England, tic-tac-toe has entertained people for centuries. Linked to pagan rituals dedicated to the magical properties of the nine-square grid, the traditional tic-tac-toe game (already a proven success in the lottery industry) fits snugly together with the enchanting world of the anthropomorphic troll.

In fact, trolls have been a part of folklore forever. Classified into four categories by historians — forest trolls, jungle trolls, ice trolls, and sand trolls — they are seen as mischievous creatures who lived in caves, in logs, and under bridges. They are also believed to be good luck. How perfect for the lottery industry you say? Absolutely!

The three troll brothers Tic, Tac, and Troll, add color, spunk and charm to this unique lottery ticket. C’mon, admit it. Somewhere in the past there has been a troll in your life. You've seen them hanging from rear view mirrors, placed in windows, and sitting atop co-workers’ desks. So chances are, even if you didn't own a troll, your best friend did, and every time you glimpsed their so-ugly-they’re-cute faces, you got a warm fuzzy feeling. It’s okay, you’re not alone.

Trolls have been immensely popular for decades. In fact, during the 60's they were the second biggest selling doll with more than a million of them sold in 1964 alone. In the 1990s, Trolls hit it big again, this time selling over a billion dollars worth just in the United States alone. Seems historians will soon have to add a fifth category to their classification of trolls. You guessed it… enter the Lottery Troll!