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Broom Hilda
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Property Overview

Since Broom-Hilda’s takeoff on April 19th 1970, the comic strip has magically kept millions of readers spellbound. Living in an enchanted forest with no connection to reality, creator Russell Myers’ ornery little love-starved witch maintains a standard of madness where total irrelevance is the key. Sharing Broomie’s nutty world are of course her best friends, Irwin the troll and Gaylord T. Buzzard. The strip is simply a loony bin where what’s said and done often makes no sense whatsoever, much to the joy of its millions of fans.

Syndicated in 18 states, this cigar chomping, 1500 year-old green witch is probably the most well-known and beloved witch of all time. Broom-Hilda’s popularity, wacky sense of humor, and magical forest world, make this property a perfect choice for an eye-catching colorful lottery ticket. Even though a Broom-Hilda ticket would be fabulous at any time of year, it’s also a perfect fit for a ‘special occasion’ ticket. What better match for a whimsical Halloween ticket than one graced with the oldest broom-flying witch around?! (See New Mexico Lottery samples in “Ticket Designs” section).

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