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Support Materials

Icon Downloadable File Comments
Jumble Sell Sheet Jumble Sell Sheet

JPEG file, 2.2 MB. Informational JUMBLE sell sheet with various ticket designs.

How to Play Jumble How to Play Jumble

JPEG file, 2.8 MB. Informational ‘How to Play Jumble’ page with rule explanations and graphics of the ticket during different stages of play.

Loto-Quebec Jumble Results Loto-Quebec Jumble Results

PDF file, 3.3 MB. PDF file of the Loto-Quebec ticket run results, with comments from the lottery.

Note: Jumble is called ‘Charivari’ in Quebec.

Jumble Logo
JPEG file, 284 kb. Jumble Logo on white background
Jumble Word Vault Logo
JPEG file, 164 kb. Jumble Word Vault Logo on white background