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Holiday Tickets
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Support Materials

Icon Downloadable File Comments
PDF X Marks the Spot Overview
PDF File
X Marks the Spot Overview (containing the Holiday Tickets).

Just click the “Download” button to the left to see the X Marks the Spot overview information!
PDF FORTUNA: Goddess of Gold Overview ($5)
PDF File
FORTUNA; GODDESS OF GOLD PRESENTATION: This presentation contains all the key up-to-date material on the FORTUNA; Goddess of Gold property! Just click the “Download” button to the left to have the full file! Ticket Design, name & Goddess Messages © and TM 2009 Frost Productions LLC.
PDF Nebraska Lottery $5 Tootsie Roll Holiday Design, Focus Test Results
Nebraska Lottery ($5) Tootsie Roll Focus Test results.

NOTE: There are 9 other great Tootsie Roll ticket designs to choose from (Modern Day, Nostalgic, Design and Valentine’s day)!