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Dick Tracy
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Icon Downloadable File Comments
Dick Tracy wt Wrist Phone
266kb EPS file color image of Dick Tracy (in yellow hat and coat) getting a call on his wrist phone.
Dick Tracy Head/Hat&Watch/ color
242kb EPS file color image of Dick Tracy’s head (in yellow hat) and phone on wrist.
Dick Tracy Logo/red letters
164kb EPS color file. ‘Dick Tracy’ letter logo in red.
Dick Tracy Logo/red letters/& Head
140kb JPEG color file. ‘Dick Tracy’ letter logo in red with his head.
Dick Tracy/3 Poses
340kb EPS file of a full-length pose in black suit. Three poses on 1 image.
Dick Tracy long shot with flashlight beam
153kb EPS file of Dick Tracy bursting through a door pointing his flashlight in the dark.
Dick Tracy head profile/yellow hat
105kb file. Headshot of Dick Tracy.  Profile with yellow hat.
Dick Tracy/Characters behind
296kb EPS file. Dick Tracy on blue background with sketched characters, showing his watch.
Dick Tracy/Gun hat & coat
406kb EPS file. Dick Tracy – Full figure with gun drawn and yellow overcoat.